Gin School

Our 5* reviewed,  intimate and enlightening master distilling experience.
Enjoy hours of learning about the world of Gin and creating your very own tiple to take home. 
Using the botanicals from our farm and around the world, create your unique tasting gin. You will learn the distilling process from start to finish, even designing your gin’s name and label. Not forgetting the crucial taste testing throughout! 
Priced at £125 per person. Includes 3 G&T’s each and nibbles Book now by emailing 


Upon arrival you will be greeted with a G&T of your choice and yummy nibbles, after a quick get to know each other chat we will dive straight in to our ‘lesson’ of the weird, wonderful and quite frankly pretty grim history of Gin!

Next we will go on a botanical journey through flavours and what profiles your are going to achieve in your signature distillation. With an array of exotic, dried, locally sourced and freshly harvested botanicals from right here on our farm, you may surprise yourself in your choices…

We will next learn how our stills Ivy & Kin work their magic and we may even let you in to a few secrets…

This will give you the knowledge to then move over to the work shop bar and be the master of your very own still. Weighing out your chosen botanicals and immersing yourself in the aromas as your chosen blends start to steep.

A quick Lancashire G&T break whilst the botanicals really get to know each other and flavours start to marry. In this time you will create your own label design & write your own ‘gin story’, an important part of all new recipe development.

Then the part you’ve been awaiting! Distillation time, be in full control as your signature recipe unfolds, crucial taste testing at each stage is a must!

You will then cut and bottle your Gin down to your desired strength and we will then all share a G&T of the two new recipes!

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