Being sustainable and caring for our surroundings is simply a way of life for us farmers, not something new to us. We don’t waste, we use what we have readily available and looking after our countryside is at the forefront of everything we do.


Were keeping miles down when sourcing ingredients for our Gin at least 50% of each bottle’s botanicals are grown and harvested here. Our seasonal releases are up at 72%. Many of our botanicals are seen as common weeds, now harvesting them reduces our need to use pesticides to spray them off, Delicious Gin and happy cows!

Here’s Grandad harvesting our rhubarb – we think it gives Yorkshire a run for its money any day!


Our distillery is heated using biomass technology, burning organic matter from forestry waste.


Water is a huge part of Gin crafting and here were not short of it. Having installed a bore hole on the farm in 2012 we use the water for cooling the distillates and cutting our Gin.


Every scrap of cardboard that is brought in to the distillery via deliveries is torn up and re used for packaging orders to go back out the door.


Circulating water around our condenser could be pretty wasteful, that’s why we collect all the water used for each distillation and feed it back in to the cow troughs for drinking, being extra cooled it goes to our pregnant Holsteins, who love a cooling treat!

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