Ivy’s Signature


Words from Anthony Peregrine – The Sunday Times;

“I’ve drunk enough gin to feature in a Hogarth print and rarely tasted any with such an ampleness of flavour. Should anyone offer you a bottle of Ivy’s Signature, grab it and don’t give it back.”


The Gin all ‘proper gin’ lovers need in their collection. Our Hero Gin. Refreshing & zesty, bursting with flavour; Juniper forward followed by lemony tones given from our fresh cut botanical mix we grow here on the farm. 

The perfect serve

For the Gin that speaks for itself, the perfect serve is simple. First the ice, fill your glass full to the top, fewer ice cubes will melt quicker therefore diluting your Gin… and we don’t want that! Then pour over a good 50ml shot of Gin, give a little swirl and cool the spirit down. Now the next part is up to you, Ivy’s Signature is unparalleled in smoothness and can be sipped neat over ice, for a longer drink add a splash of plain Indian tonic, just a little, no more than 150ml. Give a little stir and your ready to enjoy the best G&T you’ve ever had!



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