Ivy’s Orchard Summer Release 2021

Batch 1. 93 bottles available. 
A truly special, decadent dry gin, only available once a year when the fruit is ripe and oh so flavourful.
Utilising our seasonal fruitful crops comes our first seasonal release of the year, Ivy’s Orchard. Our special base recipe distilled with freshly harvested Raspberries, Blackberries & Blackcurrants which have been planted here on our farmer over 50 years, a real taste of our heritage. The aroma invites you in as if walking in to our farm orchard and the gin itself is berry -full! One for summer picnics and garden gatherings. Enjoy neat over Ice or as a longer drink with good plain indian tonic and plenty of ice. 
* Naturally distilled, nothing added, sugarless. 


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