IT’S A RUM DO – Cask 16 Limited release


Guild Of Fine Foods Editors Choice 2022 & SILVER Spirit Masters Winner July 2022.

Cask 16 release

Our brand new lively tipple, born out of a desire to pair the best bits of rum with a good old Wild Fox twist to serve up a gin full of both comforting spice and rich Lancashire spirit.

The nations first. Rum Do is an original juniper forward recipe that will get taste buds dancing with notes of burnt caramel, cinnamon, woody coconut and subtle honey from dandelion rounded off with a luxurious wave of vanilla.

Double distilled, rested then redistilled and vapour infused with an enormity of dandelion heads from our farm – it is a real labour of craft love. Rum Do is aged in small 20L oak barrels which is by no means cost effective nor does it give the best yield, but resting for over a year in oak produces intense woody profiles to the spirit and results in the most glorious russet hue and a mellow mouthfeel.

Not readily available, this launch marks the release of cask numbers four and five with limited bottles available. Each bottle has been hand labelled, signed and sealed by owners Rob and Lizzie.



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