Our distillery is too special not to be seen so were building a visitors area overlooking our Ivy. This will be available in 2021 for corporate hire, creative meetings & private parties


We commissioned our beautiful copper still, Ivy in march 2019. There are three parts to our Ivy, each one with a very important part to play. First, the onion or ivy’s Big Copper belly, here all our lovely botanicals and fruits are heated gently with fine English grain spirit, after 2 hours ivy’s belly really starts to rumble and once up to around 86 degrees the magic starts to happen.

Delicate Ginny vapours start to rise and travel through the head of the onion in to the stage two, the Thumper, the real magician, she works by giving continuous vaporisation, pushing those Ginny vapours up and down, crafting a clean spirit with unparalleled smoothness

Now beautifully crafted and full of flavours these little vapours are about ready to collect but still flipping hot, on to stage 3, the condenser. The vapours travel to the condensor to be cooled. Cold water is pushed around the condenser throughout the whole distillation cooling the vapours that are then collected in to one of our milk churns. Don’t worry though, we don’t waste the water, once circulated its then collected and fed back to the water troughs in the calving cow shed. Those pregnant mums enjoy a cool drink!

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